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Structural Repairs

In Devon and Exmoor, Anchor Property Care specialises in structural repairs. With clientele who own both residential and commercial structures and require structural repairs, we have a wealth of experience. We can give you a thorough survey and price if you require one. At your location, we can complete other building and construction projects.

Numerous types of structural damage and defects can occur within a structure as the result of one or more causes.

Defects found in masonry structures include:

  • Cracking – associated with foundation movement, thermal/moisture movement, lintel failure, overloading, corrosion of steel, frost action, chemical action.
  • Bowing or leaning – associated with vibrations from traffic, machinery and blasting, increased floor loads as a result as a result of change of use, addition of extra storeys, walls too slender, lack of lateral restraint
  • Bond failure – between the masonry units associated with defective materials, deterioration, and poor construction.

Implementing a range of specialist remedial systems, Anchor Property Care are able to undertake specialist structural repairs using crack stitching, forming masonry beams, installing lateral restraints and helical piling to reinstate the structural integrity of buildings.

For all enquiries & surveys please call Anchor Property Care on 01271 327786