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Timber Repairs

In Devon and Exmoor, Anchor Property Care specialises in timber repairs. We have a long experience of assisting clients with residential and commercial buildings who require timber repairs. We can offer a comprehensive survey and price upon request. On your land, we can also finish other building and construction projects.

Timber Repairs General Information:

In cases where replacement of timber is unnecessary, such as joists, beams, lintels, etc., Anchor Property Care have a timber resin repair system, which involves the independent manufacture of joist and beam repair kits for the repair of all kinds of timber structure. This has been developed incorporating timber engineering technology for the manufacture of resins and stress graded timbers. The manufacturers in the industry being a leader in this field, supporting and working with the Universities, Technical Institutions and the Timber Research And Development Association (TRADA).

Resin repairs are being carried out more widely as customers and contractors begin to appreciate the economies of the low disturbance timber resin splice approach to in-situ repair, as opposed to the more established “scrap and replace” practices, which are wasteful of valuable materials as well as being responsible for the unnecessary destruction of many solid structures.

The benefit of a timber resin splice in most cases, can remove the necessity of the complete removal of a timber in its entirety and instead for just exposing a small section in need of repair, where a new section of stress graded, pre-treated timber can be resin spliced to the existing. This will save time and will be an economical yet fully effective method of undertaking the remedial works, thus reinstating the structural stability of the parent timber itself.

Anchor Property Care have been using timber resin repair systems for many years and work closely with leading timber repair system manufacturers, to ensure we are kept abreast of any technology updates. The use of timber resins includes the insertion of concealed steel reinforcement bars, bonded to the timber with epoxy resins.

The benefits of using timber resin are far reaching. The use of resin repairs can speed up repair times and as a result save money as well as providing a repair that is stronger than the original timber.

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